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Mortar & Pestle
Food Story Project
Mortar & Pestle
How It Works

Mortar and Pestle is a ten-year documentary to gather and preserve stories about the language of food.

You can be a vital part of this project by sharing your stories about food, gardens, family, travel, holidays, cooking and more. 


No story is too small. 


All stories recorded will be used to create educational tools and support the growth of our vibrant food culture.  

These will be oral recordings. Very informal casual conversation.

Call or email to schedule an interview time at the location of your choice.


Thank you,

Contact me at




The interview is a simple oral recording of any story or stories you wish to share.

This can happen in one sitting or a series of meetings. We can meet downtown, at your home or anyplace that you find comfortable.


This is an enjoyable and casual conversation about food and not a news article. 

Mortar and Pestle Food Story Project also can be featured at a farmer's market, a church gathering, a family reunion, festivals, 4H groups, agricultural centers, heritage museums, and anywhere you and others would like to add and preserve memorable moments to the event. 

Seniors are the main focus and all Seniors receive a CD recording to share with their family and friends for posterity.

It's in the telling of the story, the dialect, and diction that preserves heritage for future generations.

But overall this is an all-ages project.

The objective is to save forgotten words, cooking methods and provide additional content to the Food Happens Weekly Podcast Magazine 

FOOD HAPPENS is a weekly podcast food magazine with interviews about all things food.

FOOD HAPPENS is a forum to discuss points of view on food policy, farming, economics, security, urban gardens, nutrition, lexicon, history, science, psychology, safety, and more. 

We are constantly gathering content and conducting interviews for production. 

If you are involved in any of the aforementioned focus areas contact Oso Wallman to set an appointment to discuss how your field is involved in the local food environment.  

We are happy to announce that we are now in production and intend to have the show on the air by Thanksgiving week. 

We are featuring speakers from Madison, Buncombe and Yancey counties in western North Carolina. 

We will broadcast on wArt FM in Marshall North, Carolina. 

All shows will be available online as a podcast. 

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